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Ryan Adams Covers Bryan Adams’ “Run To You”

Why do people care so much that Ryan Adams closed his Wednesday night Santa Barbara show with a cover of “Run To You?” Well, it all started at a show on Ryan Adams’ 2002 Demolition tour where a Nashville fan shouted out a suggestion for the musician to play a cover of Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69.”  The musician was so angry that he refused to continue with the show until the suggester left the venue. Four years later, Ryan Adams spoke to Spin about it, saying that the event sent him into therapy.

Fast-forward eight years… in a recent interview with The Globe and Mail, Ryan Adams said, “Bryan Adams was a totally huge part of everything that I am musically. The beginnings of MTV had everything to do with me as a kid. I was transformed by that. I challenge anyone to put on “Run To You” and let that wash over you in a pair of headphones, in your normal listening zone. That stuff is fire-hot.”

Check of Ryan Adams’ alluring, long-awaited cover of Bryan Adams below:

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