Slowdive – 11/5 – McMenamin’s Crystal Ballroom (Portland, OR)

Truthfully, we weren’t entirely sold when Slowdive announced that they were reuniting earlier this year. That all changed when we saw them live, though. We can say whatever we’d like about how great the singles from Souvlaki are or how Pygmalion is an underrated masterpiece of an album, but that’s all really been said before. The fact is, Slowdive are one of the best live bands going right now; theirs is the kind of shoegaze that washes over you and envelops you into this altered, blissful state of mind. It’s something you have to see in order to believe. Fortunately, the band have been giving American audiences that opportunity with a U.S. tour that stops at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the Crystal Ballroom website.

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