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Gregg Allman Dismissed From ‘Midnight Rider’ Film Lawsuits

Gregg Allman will not be going to court in the lawsuit filed against the makers of Midnight Rider, the aborted film based on his memoirs. A judge dismissed Allman and his manager, Michael Lehman, from the lawsuits brought against the film’s producers by the family of Sarah Jones, a Midnight Rider crew member who was killed when a train came through a film shoot.

In a statement, Lehman expressed satisfaction that he and his client were cleared from the lawsuit, but added that this news came “with a heavy heart.” “We continue to have great empathy for the pain that Sarah’s family is enduring and for the other members of the crew who were injured.”

“We know this news doesn’t bring Sarah back,” Allman added. “This was a terrible tragedy. Sarah’s memory must be an ongoing testament to film safety.”

Allman and Lehman were listed as executive producers on Midnight Rider, which meant that they were included as defendants in the various lawsuits filed by Jones’ family and the six other crew members who were injured in the incident. Allman himself sued director Randall Miller over the incident, as well.

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