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Exclusive: Hear The Latest Track From One Of Today’s Most Powerful Young Singer/Songwriters

Tori Vasquez, Go Thank Yourself, Wear You Thin
Photo by Shervin Lainez

Although Tori Vasquez hails from West Texas, country is but one piece of her sound. Pitched somewhere between the stark melancholy of the Patsy Cline/Loretta Lynn school of country and the pained resolve of the Amy Winehouse/Adele school of soul, Vasquez’s voice is of the sort that is stronger precisely because it so often feels as though it’s about to break. Nowhere is this more evident than on “Wear You Thin,” the latest track made available from her forthcoming album, Go Thank Yourself, to be released in the new year. The song’s arrangement, all lilting strum and haunted reverb, does well to simply suggest the emotions Vasquez’s voice beautifully brings to the fore. It’s easy to believe Vasquez when she says that much of the album’s material was written with just an acoustic guitar and a bottle of whiskey. While you wait for the full album, check out “Wear You Thin” below.


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