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Mac DeMarco, Fans Detained At UC Santa Barbara Show

Singer Drew Ire Of Law Enforcement After Crowd-Surfing During Show

Mac DeMarco can make some pretty relaxed music, but he gets a bit rowdy in concert. As it turns out, he gets a little too rowdy for the liking of UC Santa Barbara campus police, who detained DeMarco and arrested two fans after a show at the university got out of hand.

According to a report in the Santa Barbara Independent, the concert was in trouble right from the start. Security interrupted the show ten minutes in to arrest two fans; one, a 22-year old man, was charged with attempting to start fights with concertgoers, and the other, a 21-year old woman, was arrested for moshing and charged with resisting arrest.

After the interruption, DeMarco continued the show and jumped into the crowd to crowd-surf. Once he returned to the stage, however, security were there waiting for him. According to UCSB police lieutenant Mark Signa, security did not know that DeMarco was the performer for the evening until they spoke to him outside the venue.

Students expressed displeasure with the actions of campus security at the show. “What was supposed to be an intimate concert turned into ‘I can’t believe the police are acting this way,'” student Hayley Snyder told The Independent. “There was no danger in the crowd.”

DeMarco, for his part, seemed to take the whole event in stride, even going so far as to joke about it on Instagram.

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