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Neil Young Calls For Starbucks Boycott

Neil Young has thrown his support behind a number of causes over the years, from pacifism to saving the American farmer. Now, he’s taking a stand against the use of GMOs, and he’s got a certain coffee chain in his sights. In a note posted on his website, Young declared that he was boycotting Starbucks for their support of GMO purveyor Monsanto, and he called upon others to do the same.

Young’s ire stems from the passage of a law in Vermont that requires that food made from GMOs (or genetically-modified organisms) be identified as such. Monsanto, one of the largest companies at the forefront of GMO production, has been challenging the law in an attempt to get it overturned.

Starbucks has released a statement denying their involvement in the Vermont lawsuit, saying that they want a “national solution” to the issue. However, Young’s post and the SumOfUs petition from which it pulls its information is still up.

Young’s latest album, Storeytone, came out earlier this year.

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