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Roxy Music Break Up Again

Roxy Music are done for good. The glam-rock pioneers, who reunited 13 years ago, have been on a three-year hiatus that guitarist Phil Manzanera has hinted would be permanent. “I don’t think we’re going to do any more shows,” Manzanera told Rolling Stone. “I think our job is done.”

Roxy Music first broke up in 1983 after the release of their album Avalon, but the lineup of Manzanera, Bryan Ferry, Andy Mackay, and Paul Thompson reunited in 2001 to celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary. The band toured sporadically, but a new Roxy Music album never materialized. That lack of creative drive is what Manzanera thinks caused the second split. “Musicians like to do new things,” he said.

Those “new things” include various solo projects that the band’s members have been working on outside of Roxy Music. This year alone has seen a new solo album from Ferry, and Manzanera’s work is set to appear on the upcoming Pink Floyd swansong The Endless River. Manzanera is also expected to hit the road with Floyd guitarist David Gilmour next year.

Fans aching to hear those Roxy Music classics need not fear, though: Bryan Ferry often features the band’s music at his live shows.

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