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‘The Voice’ Wants Jason Isbell To Audition As A Contestant

NBC Talent Show Reportedly "Discovered" Him On The Internet

Okay, so Jason Isbell isn’t quite on the level of a Top 40 pop star, but between his work with Drive-By Truckers and as a solo artist, we’d say he’s doing all right for himself. It seems, though, that the producers of the hit talent competition The Voice don’t agree with us, as they’ve offered Isbell the chance to win the big break that he didn’t know he needed or wanted.

The producer e-mailed Isbell, saying that he found the reigning AMA Artist Of The Year online, seemingly unaware that Isbell had gotten his first recording contract fifteen years prior as a member of Drive-By Truckers. The producer was also quick to mention that the show’s auditions were not open calls, presumably in an attempt to make Isbell feel special.

Isbell, of course, took the whole event in stride, tweeting a screenshot of the e-mail to his followers. Isbell then followed it up with a suggestion for his audition: “My audition on “The Voice” will be a solo vocal and French horn rendition of “Oh Comely” by Neutral Milk Hotel. I will wear a #bikini.”

Given that talent shows like The Voice give out infamously restrictive first-time contracts to winners, we can imagine that Isbell wouldn’t be all that interested, anyway.

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