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Brad Colerick – Tuscon

(Back 9 Records)




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71vHQneyUCL._SL1500_There was an expression of puzzlement on my brow when I opened my copy of Tuscon and saw an inscription to me written on the disco?  Was it because I lived in Tucson? What the hey?  As I examined further, the oddity was explained: the title song was written by a close friend about someone dear to each of us.

Brad has hosted a weekly songwriter showcase in South Pasadena for a number of years, and that is where he came upon Dave Plenn, the writer of the title track.  He also came upon Herb Pederson, April Verch and Steve Hanson, all of whom make appearances here to support Mr. Colerick’s plainspoken story-songs.  These songs reflect his Nebraska upbringing and the plainspoken nature which he used to hone his craft so that his songs (9 of the 11 recordings featured here) speak with his clear voice.

His rich, deep voice comes through the music, getting his message across clearly and strongly.  There is a strong folk element to his music.  There is no concealment in his lyrics; they are sung with conviction, and you know they are truth as seen by him.  His is a smooth and soothing voice that speaks forth with his personal convictions and points of view.  Refreshing in this time of waffling and many people afraid to speak out about how they see it.  It is an even and smooth disc that makes you want to hit the repeat button a number of times.

– Bob Gottlieb


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