Caeden Linea Headphones

Move over Bose and Beats

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Caeden’s Linea headphones collection offers both a fashionable design and a perfectly balanced mix of sound. Both the the Linea N°1 on-ear headphones ($149.99) and Linea N°2 in-ear headphones ($79.99) offer an audible range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz, allowing for the perfect blend of high/mid tones mixed with treble and bass.  You can literally hear every layer of your music.

Along with sound balance comparable, if not superior, to most high-end models, the N°1 also provides comfort, thanks to the vegan leather cushioning. Unlike most on-ear headphones, the N°1 allows you to actually hear what’s going on around you without skimping on volume. This model also comes with your choice of two cables (one outfitted for Android and one for iOS) plus a sleek caring case.

If you’re looking for something a bit more compact, go with the Linea N°2 in-ear model—they are by far the best earbuds on the market. The medical-grade silicone tips allow for a customizable fit that won’t fall out of your ears.

And to the delight of headphone users everywhere, both model’s cables are made of braided nylon, making them virtually tangle-free.

– Whitney Forbes


Both models (which each come in the same three colorways: Faceted Carbon + Gold, Convex Carbon + Gunmetal, and Faceted Ceramic + Rose Gold) can be purchased here or via the Spring app, for mobile users.


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