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AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Arrested Again

Troubled Rock Star Violated Court Order By Attacking Former Bodyguard

Things are not looking good for embattled AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd. After being arrested in early November, the drummer has had to contend with charges of threatening to kill someone and possession of marijuana and methamphetamines, and his increasingly erratic behavior hasn’t helped his case. Now, Stuff Magazine in New Zealand reports that Rudd is in trouble again after breaching the conditions of his bail in an altercation this week.

According to Rudd’s lawyer, the drummer was in a cafe near Tauranga Girls’ College when he had “a chance meeting” with “someone he wasn’t meant to associate with.” That someone was a former bodyguard who happens to be a witness in the case against Rudd; under the conditions of his bail, Rudd is not allowed to be in contact with any police witnesses.

Witnesses say that Rudd “was all up in the guy’s face” when the bodyguard allegedly shoved Rudd. “[Rudd] fell backwards over our sign and landed in the cafe,” a staff member said. “There was food and stuff everywhere.” After that, witnesses say that Rudd went “nuts.”

Solicitor Greg Hollister-Jones set new conditions for Rudd’s bail, remanding him and barring him from taking any illegal drugs while on bail. Rudd will appear in court again on February 10th.

Rudd appears on AC/DC’s new album Rock Or Bust, but the band have admitted to having a strange relationship with the enigmatic drummer. It is unclear whether or not Rudd will join the band on their world tour next year.

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