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CCR Members Respond To John Fogerty Over Lawsuit

It’s fairly common knowledge that the surviving members of Creedence Clearwater Revival don’t really get along. John Fogerty has butted heads with his former bandmates for years, and another chapter in the ongoing legal battles came this week when Stu Cook and Doug Clifford filed a lawsuit against Fogerty. Fogerty responded in kind, and now Cook and Clifford are explaining the reasons behind their actions.

In a statement issued by the duo, who tour as Creedence Clearwater Revisited, Cook and Clifford dispute Fogerty’s implication that they wanted to ban him from playing CCR tunes at his live shows. “We have never objected to John Fogerty performing any song he ever wrote, or performing any song recorded by Creedence Clearwater Revival. That idea is ridiculous,” the duo claim. “Even when he refused to play those songs, and publicly called for a boycott of CCR music, we encouraged him to perform them whenever and wherever he wanted.”

Rather, according to Cook and Clifford, the lawsuit was a pre-emptive legal action prompted by an impending attempt by Fogerty. Saying that Fogerty “threatened” them and “left [them] with little doubt that a lawsuit would be filed by [Fogerty] for a second time.” “This action is about the need to defend ourselves and our rights,” they said.

Fogerty is currently on a tour based around him performing CCR songs from the band’s prolific period in 1969. Fogerty said in a statement that the lawsuit would not stop him from carrying out his tour plans.

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