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My Morning Jacket To Release Two New Albums

First Album To Come Out In April; Second To Be Released In 2016

My Morning Jacket will soon be ending an oddly long silent period for the band. In an interview with Rolling Stone, MMJ frontman Jim James revealed that the band have two new albums in the works, the first of which will see release in April of next year.

After releasing Circuital in 2011, the band kept themselves relatively quiet while James worked on his debut solo album. This time around, though, James came to the studio with a ton of songs in tow. “I just had a ton of songs this time,” James said. “We didn’t even get to all of them.”

While the band finished recording with 24 songs in the can, James insists that the band had no intention of turning the project into a double album, choosing instead to release the songs in two separate records. “It’s been a puzzle,” James said of the process of sequencing both albums.

Fans eager to see the band back on stage again will have to wait, though, as James is still recuperating from back surgery. He does expect to be back for the band’s One Big Holiday mini-festival in Mexico on January 31st, during which fans will likely hear some of the band’s new songs for the first time.

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