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Roger Daltrey Fronts Wedding Band In Scotland

The Who will be kicking off their 50th anniversary tour/farewell tour soon, but Roger Daltrey found himself playing an unexpected warm-up gig while staying at a hotel in Scotland. According to the BBC, Daltrey was staying at the Mar Hall resort when he took it upon himself to join the band at a wedding reception being held there.

Graeme Allan, guitarist for The Milestone (who were playing the wedding), recounted the experience: “We were coming towards the end of our set and we were about halfway through a song. I remember looking over to the dance floor, and a wedding guest was walking with Roger, coming towards the band.”

Allen described himself as “gobsmacked” at the sight of Daltrey. The singer then grabbed a microphone, congratulated the bride and groom, and led the band in an impromptu performance of “I Can’t Explain.” “To be honest, we don’t actually play any Who songs, but I’ve played ‘I Can’t Explain’ before,” Allan said. “We were kinda busking it.”

You can watch a video of Daltrey’s performance with the band below:

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