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The Mavericks Fire Founding Member Over Drug Addiction

The Mavericks will be without founding member Robert Reynolds from this point forward. In an interview with Rolling Stone, current Mavericks Raul Malo, Paul Deakin, and Eddie Perez revealed that Reynolds was let go from the band in October due to a debilitating opiate addiction. The addiction apparently left Reynolds unable to record or perform live.

In the interview, Deakin said that Reynolds’ drug problems had been a concern since before the sessions for their latest album, In Time. “There were many signs when he first came back into the studio. I confronted him about it, and he denied it,” Deakin said, adding that the band had put Reynolds in rehab three times before coming to the decision to fire him in October.

According to Malo, Reynolds’ behavior was becoming too much for the band to handle. “We found out that he was hitting up fans for money,” Malo said. After Reynolds returned from his third rehab stint in worse shape than ever before, the band’s hand was forced.

“This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen as far as addiction,” Malo said.

The band’s initial announcement of Reynolds’ departure confused some fans due to an initially vague announcement on Facebook that led fans to believe that Reynolds’ absence had to do with his wife’s battle with cancer. “Everybody assumed it was about his wife’s struggle with cancer, when in fact it wasn’t.” Deakin said. “We let that go, but then the situation got worse and we had to make something more final.”

Still, the band feel regret that Reynolds won’t be around for Mono, the band’s newest album set to come out next year. “I feel a little angry and upset because, man, he should be here enjoying this with us,” Perez said. “We are having such a ball and are excited about this next chapter we’re doing, but Robert and his addiction are keeping him away.”

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