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Check Out The First Single And Tour Dates For Mark Knopfler’s Upcoming Album

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“Beryl.” Doesn’t much sound like the name of a rock song. But when you realize that the Beryl in question is the late, renowned British author Beryl Bainbridge and that the rocker in question is legendary guitarist and songwriter Mark Knopfler, things start to make a little more sense. For Knopfler’s music, to say nothing of his guitar pyrotechnics and pop success with Dire Straits, has always shown a unique depth of a piece with Bainbridge’s acclaimed work. The track is indeed a heartfelt tribute from one artist to another—and, of course, a lovely showcase for Knopfler’s immaculate guitar tones:



Beyond “Beryl,” Knopfler fans can look for its parent album, Tracker, Knopfler’s eighth as a solo artist, on March 17 (pre-order here and here; everyone who pre-orders the digital edition will instantly receive “Beryl”). Then, starting in September, following a lengthy tour of Europe, American and Canadian fans will have the chance to hear these tunes live, as Knopfler will race across North America, playing 36 dates in seven weeks (anyone who purchases a pair of tickets to these shows will receive a physical copy of Tracker). This veteran of the road certainly doesn’t seem to have lost any enthusiasm over the decades. “For me, that’s part of the joy of it,” Knopfler said, “getting that little crew together again, and setting sail once again. It’s a real adventure.”

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