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Exclusive: Listen To The New Album From Psych-Rock Trio The Tulips

The Tulips have their feet in two different worlds: their music is ethereal and psychedelic in a way that recalls the best of the paisley-clad Sixties, but their songs also have a distinctly modern bent to them. At their best, they create a dreamy, atmospheric experience with gently reverberating guitar and swirling keyboards. However, when they want to rock, they definitely can do it and do it well. The Tulips’ new album, Echo Blue, succinctly and brilliantly demonstrates just how good this band can be, from the stadium rock of “Compromise” to the country-flavored “Beggars Alley.” The album is slated to come out later this year, but you can listen to the album right now, exclusively on our website. Just click below and enjoy.

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