CBGB Music and Film Festival / New York, NY

With 2014 now behind us, it’s natural to mourn things we’ve lost in the past year. But before we get too teary eyed, it’s important to remember that there are endlessly opportunities for renewal and reincarnation– especially in a city like New York. There’s no better example than CBGB, the legendary downtown rock venue that closed its doors in 2006. It seemed like a huge loss for the NYC music scene, but soon enough they were back with a radio channel and, in 2012, a music festival.

2014 marked the third year of the CBGB Music and Film Festival, which took place in early October, spanning multiple NYC venues and culminating in headlining performances in Times Square. This year, that honor went to two legendary acts, Jane’s Addiction and Devo.

Thanks to these iconic rockers on the bill paying tribute to an equally iconic venue, we remember that things may change, but they also come back around.

Check out photos of seminal alt-rockers Devo at the 2014 CBGB Music and Film Festival below.

All photos by George Kopp

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