Jeff Daniels

City Winery / New York, NY

He has played a road tripping idiot, America’s favorite news anchor and everything in between, but tonight his role was that of a folk/blues singer/songwriter. Accompanied by his son, Ben Daniels, and Ben’s band, the elder Daniels turned the jam-packed City Winery into his personal soundstage. Despite having to turn away from the mic occasionally to cough because of flu like symptoms, the Emmy winner still delivered. His lack of a Hollywood ego in combination with his “the show must go on” grit endeared him quickly with the audience. Jeff’s set list spanned his entire recording career, including the recently released Days Like These. His carefully crafted tunes were woven together with humorous back stories and tales of being The Newsroom’s Will McAvoy, Dumb and Dumber’s Harry Dunne and plain old Jeff Daniels. But don’t get it twisted—on this night, music was king!

– Sean Jamar


Photos by Sean Jamar

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