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Blur Announce Surprise Album ‘The Magic Whip’

Since reuniting in 2008, Britpop legends Blur have toured off and on for years, but they’ve doggedly avoided talk of a new album. After releasing the excellent “Under The Westway” single in 2012, the band seemed committed to not releasing anything for a while as singer Damon Albarn focused on his solo career. Well, it turns out that that was all just a clever diversion: Blur have surprised us all with the announcement that their new album, The Magic Whip, is coming out on April 28th.

The album is based on recordings the band made in 2013 in Hong Kong, but the recordings were then shelved temporarily so that Blur could continue touring. Afterwards, guitarist Graham Coxon returned to the recordings with producer Stephen Street to put the finishing touches on the record.

Blur also released The Magic Whip‘s first single, “Go Out,” earlier today. You can watch the video below:

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