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Exclusive: Brad Reiman Premieres Dreamy, ’60s-Flavored New Track From Upcoming Debut EP

Brad Reiman, Walking in the UnknownAfter an illness left Brad Reiman deaf in his left ear, he stepped away from music. But not for long. After college and a series of backpacking adventures around the world, Reiman found his way back to his first love, and since then he has been crafting pop melodies that pay homage to the music his parents raised him on, the music of the ’60s.

“People Everywhere,” a track from his upcoming debut EP, Walking in the Unknown, unfolds with a lush, dreamy melody, marking Reiman as a sensitive lyricist and talented pop vocalist. His airy, almost androgynous voice lends an ethereal quality to the track, a quality that is highlighted by lyrics that spark with genuine wonderment and goodwill. When he sings, “Small town kid I don’t know what to think/I just try to take it all in,” you sense that he imbues his tracks with the autobiographical spirit of a traveler and adventurer, desirous to see the world and capture it in song.

Walking in the Unknown is due out on March 10 and you can listen to “People Everywhere” below.

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