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Jack White Blasts Media, Responds To Guacamole Controversy

Photo by Mary Ellen Matthews
Photo by Mary Ellen Matthews

Jack White has released a statement directed toward “journalists and people looking for drama or a diva” in regards to the recent controversy regarding the culinary demands that he supposedly requires in order to perform. In recent days, White has received a fair amount of ridicule for the demands of his tour rider–specifically a request for a very particular guacamole recipe–after the details of his contract to perform on February 2 at the University of Oklahoma were leaked by the school’s newspaper.

While White’s management has already released a statement addressing the matter, the musician must have felt compelled to answer the criticism personally. In a rambling statement that is both self-deprecating (White notes that he “can’t even make kool aid let alone cook any real food enough to have a ‘recipe'”) and defensive (he is repeatedly at pains to point out that he is in favor of free speech), White enumerates his side of the matter.

He addresses some of the specific issues from the tour rider (the food demands are primarily for the crew, the restriction on bananas is due to someone on his crew being allergic to them, the guacamole recipe is something of an inside joke between his tour manager and promoters), refutes some of the related claims about him being difficult and combative at the show itself, and ultimately proclaims his affinity for his fans in Oklahoma. White ends his statement by promising that his relationship with his fans in the Sooner State remains intact and he would love to play there again.

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