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Exclusive: Listen To Ramblin’ Andy’s New Album, ‘Tin Pan Alley Blues’

Ramblin' Andy 'Tin Pan Alley Blues'A man out of time, Brooklyn folkie Ramblin’ Andy draws his inspiration and repertoire from the music of a century ago in his new album, Tin Pan Alley Blues. Channeling the sophisticated acoustic blues of early 20th century New York, the 11 songs on this album also draw from prohibition-era folk, country and spirituals.

Accompanied by his guitar and ukulele, Ramblin’ Andy sings songs written or popularized by such artists as Bessie Smith, Big Bill Broonzy and Fats Waller, among others, as well as two original tunes—”Drunk And Asleep On A Train” and “Wasted Year”—that follow in the spirit of these forebears. Strumming, picking, singing and even whistling, Ramblin’ Andy evokes an era in New York’s musical history when such diverse artists as Louis Armstrong, Jimmie Rodgers, Irving Berlin and Josh White crossed paths.

Ramblin’ Andy will be touring in support of Tin Pan Alley Blues in February and March. Listen to the full album below.

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