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Exclusive: Listen To The New Jazz-Inflected Ballad From New York’s Dida Pelled

Dida PelledTalented New York-based Israeli musician Dida Pelled has already accomplished more than most young artists her age. At just 22, she has been recruited by the Israeli Army to perform across the country and is currently studying at the prestigious New School. Her balance of charming vocals and jazz instrumentation have earned her a well-deserved place among New York’s blossoming young musicians.

In the mode of an upgraded, adult lullaby, Pelled’s new track, “Apology,” allows her soft, polished vocals to stand out against a backdrop of gorgeous string arrangements and subtle guitar lines. Though the lyrics are often haunting (the song begins with Pelled lightly crooning an apology: “I’m sorry little guy/You don’t deserve to die/Today was not your day/To come outside and play”), Pelled’s voice translates these eerie lyrics into a gentle ballad. Though the track is less jazz-oriented than her usual work, “Apology” employs a more subtle and soft approach—you can hear Pelled maturing.

Listen to “Apology” below…

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