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Lucie Silvas – Lucie Silvas

Artist:     Lucie Silvas

Album:     Lucie Silvas (EP)

Label:     Caroline

Release Date:     02/03/2015


Rocker Lucie Silvas has joined the ranks of fellow Brits who are invading the US yet again, this time physically. The South has seen Robert Plant (Led Zep), Leo Lyons (Ten Years After), Peter Frampton (Humble Pie et al.), and Ed Sheeran (current hits plus a duet with neo-Nashville’s Taylor Swift, among others) all decamp to Music City to infuse their own songs with a Southern accent–not to mention avail themselves of some of the best sidemen and recording studios in the world.

Silvas has released a five-song EP, Lucie Silvas, including on it a little new and a little that’s been out for a year or more, in anticipation of a full-length album debut later in 2015. Since arriving in the US, Silvas has contributed songs to the Saturdays’ new album and NBC’s musical drama Smash, but this singer/songwriter has strong vocals and a good stage presence herself, and hopes the soupçon of Nashville will lead her back onto larger stages.

Silvas’ songs have catchy hooks, driving beats and that little whiff of country that serves many artists well today–and it doesn’t hurt that Silvas can actually sing, unlike many of her competitors. Like fellow Nashvillian singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow, with any luck Silvas’ on her way to selling a million records here, as she did back in the UK where she was signed to Chrysalis and then Mercury.

– Suzanne Cadgène

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