The Midland / Kansas City, MO

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Photos by Bob Parsons


In the early ’90s, I remember having tedious drawn-out conversations over Bush. If you liked Nirvana, you couldn’t like Bush. If you liked Bush, you couldn’t like Nirvana. The idea of liking both bands was simply forbidden. Now that I’m older, I can understand the similarities. I understand the argument, but who cares?

This was my first time seeing Bush in concert and it was well worth the wait. After over 20 years since Sixteen Stone, I expected to see Gavin Rossdale nonchalantly going through the motions. Instead Rossdale put his heart and soul into the entire set of 19 songs, including six from Bush’s newest album, Man On The Run.

I rarely feel a performer’s pain and sorrow, but it was evident that many of these songs were intimate memories for the band. During “Little Things,” the crowd exploded with cheers as Rossdale played all the way up to the balcony, which was unique for the venue. The night was fueled by a great band, great music, and great ’90s nostalgia.

– Bob Parsons

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