Evelyn Rubio – 3/5 – Midtown Live (New York, NY)

Evelyn Rubio, Midtown Live
Evelyn Rubio

Evelyn Rubio is living proof that the blues has no borders. Born in raised in the Neza City district of Mexico City, Rubio expressed a love for music at a young age. As a quadruple threat (singer/saxophonist/dancer/actor), Rubio has a knack for performance, so it’s not surprising that the songwriting bug got to her eventually. Having since moved to Houston, Texas and recorded with two different B.B. King trumpet players (James “Boogaloo” Bolden and the late Calvin Owens), Rubio is now touring with her own. band. She plays at Midtown Live in New York City on Thursday, March 5.

You can find information about and buy tickets for the show on the venue’s website.

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