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3D Print Your Very Own Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney, 3D PrintingPaul McCartney is such a beloved public figure it’s hard not to feel, somehow, close to him. Now, those who want to feel even closer have the chance to make their very own Paul McCartney to display on their desk, mantle, bedside table, etc.

As it turns out, McCartney had himself scanned in 3D for his super sci-fi “Hope for the Future” music video that was released last December, and the genius minds behind have figured out a new way for us all to benefit. They’ve rendered McCartney as a 3D printable figure, and the pattern is available for free online, so anyone can find a nearby 3D printer and make their own little, plastic Paul. He can’t sing, but he’s still pretty darn cool. Hope for the future indeed!

For more information, head to, and check out the time-lapse video of the 3D printing process on Facebook.

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