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Blur Releases Another New Song In Advance Of ‘The Magic Whip’

Following Friday’s release of “There Are Too Many Of Us” and last month’s release of “Go Out,” Blur have premiered another new track, titled “Lonesome Street,” from their forthcoming new album The Magic Whip.

In contrast to the dour, martial “There Are Too Many Of Us” and the noisy, stomping “Go Out,” “Lonesome Street” is a comparatively light, funky, melodic tune, more in line with the music on the band’s early albums. Taken together, the three songs indicate that The Magic Whip will showcase the diversity of styles found throughout the band’s oeuvre, as well as incorporating some of the sounds of frontman Damon Albarn’s many other projects.

Blur insist that “Lonesome Street” is the last song that they will premiere before releasing The Magic Whip on April 28, although the veracity of that claim remains to be seen. The band premiered the whole album live on Friday night at a secret show in front of 300 fans at Mode in West London, so it is certainly possible that more songs may leak out to the public in one form or another over the next month. In any case, listen to “Lonesome Street” below:

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