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Chris Robinson Explains Why The Black Crowes Broke Up

During an interview with the Huffington Post, Chris Robinson offered his perspective on the demise of the Black Crowes, who officially announced their breakup last month. When asked about the possibility of a reunion, Chris Robinson said of the band that he shared with his brother Rich for 25 years, “The Black Crowes have broken up. They don’t want the Black Crowes to be, it’s not gonna be. I would have preferred to just left it be.”

The interviewer asked Robinson if the band’s breakup has affected his relationship with his brother and the singer replied that he and his brother “never really had much of a relationship.” Robinson did assert that he was “proud of the work. The Black Crowes gave me everything … The Black Crowes gave me the sheer, humble gift that … that weird kid in Atlanta in the 80s could find his way through the world as an artist.” But he stated, “Joy is what I’m after” and that the Black Crowes never brought him joy.

Ultimately, Robinson said, “I was in the Black Crowes for 20 something years and that was fantastic … What a unique and rare opportunity … All the bad stuff, all the good stuff. It is what it is.”

You can watch video of Chris Robinson discussing the break up of the Black Crowes below:

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