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Exclusive: Listen To Beware Of Darkness – The Magic Of One Man And A Piano

Kyle Nicolaides, Beware of Darkness, Sanctuary Sessions, Bright Antenna Records

Beware of Darkness cut their teeth as an opening act for some big names in indie and alternative Far before the release of their debut album, Orthodox, in 2013, they had shared the stage with Social Distortion, Stone Temple Pilots, Bush, Tegan and Sara and more. The secret to rising above the rest and building such a high-powered fan base lies in their straightforward, enchanting brand of blues-laced indie rock, which Kyle Nicolaides spearheads with seriously powerful chops.

“A Stranger Saved My Life,” appearing on the band’s new mixtape, Sanctuary Sessions, largely features just Nicolaides and a piano. On taking a break from the band’s usual upbeat rock, which elicited comparisons to the Black Keys and the White Stripes, Nicolaides explains, “I love stripping down songs to basic elements and performing, which is exactly what i wanted to do with the Sanctuary Sessions. You hear the song in a whole new light.”

Understandably, it’s a meditative and lyrical track that, pared down to its simplest elements, serves as a perfect vehicle to highlight his wistful, ethereal croon. Nicolaides shines in the simplicity, weaving a narrative that is at once touching, relatable and somehow haunting.

Check out the video for “A Stranger Saved My Life” below and find Sanctuary Sessions, released via Bright Antenna Records, for free at soundcloud or for purchase on iTunes.


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