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Listen To Songs From Ty Segall And King Tuff’s Upcoming Split Live Album

Ty Segall, Live at PickathonOn May 5, Easy Sound Recording Co. will release Live at Pickathon, Vol. 2, a split 12″ from Ty Segall and King Tuff culled from each garage rockers’ sets at the 2013 Pickathon Festival in Oregon. In anticipation of the release, Easy Sound made available one track from each artist via its SoundCloud page.

While each artist operates in the same scuzzy, neo-garage rock realm, their approaches and influences are noticeably different, as evident by the two tracks shared from Live at Pickathon, Vol. 2. Propelled by stomping, swaying, floor-tom-heavy beat, King Tuff’s “She’s On Fire” is the more rocking song of the two. King Tuff sneers his vocals over fuzz bass and some seriously dirty, distorted guitar sounds.

Segall, owing perhaps to his home base in San Francisco, takes a much mellower, more psychedelic approach during his set (although Segall has been known to rock out plenty, in other settings). Less about groove and more about melody and mood, Segall’s “Queen Lullabye” features vocal harmonies over a tempo-shifting, ebbing-flowing beat (in 4/4 time, despite the audible “1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3” count at the beginning of the song). Toward the end, the song speeds up and becomes noisier, climaxing like the hippie freakout songs of yore.

Check out the full tracklisting for Live at Pickathon, Vol. 2 and listen to “Queen Lullabye” by Ty Segall Sleeper Band and “She’s On Fire” by King Tuff below:

Side A – Ty Segall Sleeper Band:

01 Sleeper
02 The Keepers
03 Crazy
04 The Man Man
05 Queen Lullabye
06 Girlfriend

Side B – King Tuff:

01 Anthem > Keep On Movin’
02 Dancing On You
03 Stranger
04 She’s On Fire

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