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Exclusive: Listen To The Kropotkins’ New, Early Dylan-Tinged Track, “Fred Goes Out at Night”

The Kropotkins, Fred Goes Out at Night, new york rock

It is not often that you hear a spectacular sextet in 2015, but that is exactly what the Kropotkins are—especially on their latest track, “Fred Goes Out at Night.” Named after infamous Russian anarchist Peter Kropotkin, this band is sure to wow you with this new track, the first single from their upcoming album, Portents of Love.

The album features production from Bob Neuwirth, famous for his work with legends like Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin and John Cale. The track is about as rootsy as it gets, which comes as a satisfying surprise. Laced with excellent harmonica work, the track lies somewhere between early Dylan and Joan Baez. Look for Portents of Love on April 21st and check out “Fred Goes Out at Night” below:


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