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Play Around With Led Zeppelin’s Interactive Music Video


In nearly 5 decades of making music, Led Zeppelin has accomplished revolutionary feats. Now a part of their esteemed repertoire is something no one could have imagined: an interactive music video to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Led Zeppelin’s beloved sixth album, Physical Graffiti.

As fans will remember, Physical Graffiti‘s album cover depicts an apartment building located in Manhattan, featuring 16 closed windows. Now, 40 years later, Led Zeppelin has paired up with media and technology company Interlude to release an interactive music video in which viewers can, using the arrow keys, enter each of the 16 rooms and watch its inhabitants engage in different activities like dancing and talking interspersed with other forms of media, like artwork or the band’s concert feed, all while an unreleased rough mix of “Brandy & Coke (Trampled Under Foot)” plays.

By mixing music and media in such a fascinating way, Led Zeppelin is giving its fans the best gift music can give: a chance to go behind-the-scenes or at least inside their minds. In creating a music video that has the element of control and participation, the band allows fans a leisurely way of accessing the creativity that was, forty years earlier, behind closed windows.

Check out the interactive video below and celebrate Led Zeppelin’s 40th anniversary of Physical Graffiti:

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