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Prince Debuts New Song “What If”

prince-2014Prince debuted a new song, “What If,” on Louisville radio station WFPK yesterday. On the song, a cover of a song by contemporary Christian music artist Nichole Nordeman, the Purple One is backed by his band 3RDEyeGirl, including vocals from drummer and Louisville native Hannah Welton.

Prince’s rendition of the song, like most of his work with 3RDEyeGirl, leans much more toward hard rock side of his multi-genre musical spectrum. The song’s CCM origins are most apparent on the uplifting choruses, but Prince makes the song his own. including tossing off some searing guitar solos. One suspects that the choice of song was influenced by Welton, who has a background in Christian rock. Prince, himself, famously became a Jehovah’s Witness around the turn of the century.

The premiere of “What If” coincides with the American leg of Prince and 3RDEyeGirl’s Hit & Run Tour–not to be confused with his Hit + Run Tour from 15 years ago–which begins, fittingly enough, in Louisville this weekend. Listen to “What If” below:

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