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Van Morrison and Bobby Womack Join Together On “Some Peace Of Mind” – listen

Van Morrison’s upcoming new album Duets: Reworking The Catalogue is exactly what the title says it is; it finds the iconoclastic Irish singer re-tooling the songs of his past with a little help from his friends. His latest single finds him collaborating with one of the few people with a voice as singular as Van’s: the late Bobby Womack. The pair take on “Some Peace Of Mind” from Van’s 1991 album Hymns To The Silence, and the end result is something with more of a groove than the original. As expected, Womack shines on the track, and Morrison gives a generously understated vocal performance in order to further highlight Womack’s talent. You can listen to the song below.

Duets: Reworking The Catalogue comes out on March 24th.

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