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Watch Built To Spill’s Hilarious, Weird New Music Video For “Living Zoo”

Idaho’s indie rock legends Built to Spill have released a humorous  new music video for “Living Zoo” in advance of next month’s release of Untethered Moon, their first new album in six years.

In the decidedly lo-fi video, two friends head into the woods for a camping trip where they meet the masked, dancing members of a cult, as well as a foppish character named Hairy Canary. After a trip to a dirty pond of a lake, where the two friends and Mr. Canary see a vision of the Built to Spill playing the song, everybody convenes for dinner and a magic show. At the urging of the cult members, the magician transforms the friends into chairs—or, more accurately and as identified by the cult members, a chair and an ottoman. The video ends with the friends returning home, forever changed by the experience.

Digital and CD versions of Untethered Moon will be released on April 21, with vinyl copies of the album available three days earlier as a part of this year’s Record Store Day promotion. Watch the video for “Living Zoo” below:

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