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Exclusive: Watch The Highway’s Mind-Bending New Video For “Lose Control”

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Highways are spaces of travel, openness, freedom and connection, so it’s only fitting that, since its inception, Brooklyn band the Highway has been rooted in these themes. “[We] formed when three young Venezuelan lads with a penchant for rock & roll came to America and joined forces with a drummer from Connecticut in Boston, Massachusetts,” the band told Elmore. “Over the years the face of the band has changed, but the soul remains.”

The current face of the five piece band features Daniel Tortoledo on vocals and guitar, Ted MacInnes on drums, Griffin McMahon on keyboard, Jay Rice on bass, and Adam Douglass on guitar, but the soul is a little harder to enumerate. Perhaps it would be easiest to describe as the band’s serious commitment to creating lush, psychedelic, spaced out jams reminiscent of the Flaming Lips and the Doors. As the band’s Facebook page will tell you, their influences are “anything and everything,” and they don’t deny such heavy hitting comparisons, but most importantly it’s about creating music, and they find themselves connecting with bands that share their affinity for “playing together in a tight yet laid back groove.”

In an exclusive Elmore premiere, the Highway is releasing the new video for “Lose Control,” a track off of their upcoming album, Enter to Exit. Like the album title, the video is an exercise in absurdity and paradox, showcasing the band’s mind-bending playfulness. And like the video, the song has an experimental, spontaneous quality, though when the band discusses their process, they’re quick to let us know that they aren’t a “jam band.” “A couple of our songs have their genesis in jams, but that’s not usually where our songwriting process starts. Usually we come up with an idea beforehand and we put it together as a band,” the guys explained. “We do like to space things out from time to time. We like to let grooves breathe, so we’ll stretch parts out to give the listener a chance to internalize it and to create or alleviate musical tension. But we always try to serve the song. We start out with an idea and we build on it, let it grow and evolve, and we add this or that element to bring out the best of what the song has to offer.”

Check out the video for “Lose Control” below, and be on the lookout for the Highway as they set to release Enter to Exit, with a party and performance slated at New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall on April 16th. An album release is a big event for any band, but the Highway is just getting warmed up. “We’ve already gone into production on a new batch of songs,” they shared. “The wheels of creation keep spinning and, so long as they do, we’re going to keep putting out new music and performing that music ALL ACROSS THE LAND!”


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