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Amy Speace – That Kind Of Girl

Artist:     Amy Speace

Album:     That Kind Of Girl

Label:     WindBone Records

Release Date:     03/03/2015


In just 47 minutes, folk Americana singer/songwriter Amy Speace has revealed her whole self to her listeners with her latest album That Kind Of Girl. Teeming with gorgeous ballads and velvet vocals, That Kind Of Girl is a delicate confession of hardship. Speace shakily sings heartbreaking yet hopeful lyrics like “I can do better than a half kiss/I can do better than a near miss/I can do better/I can do better than this” off the track “Better Than This” and the raw honesty of “No one could tell my little hell/I kept it inside/I wrestled with doubt/The next day I’d count the bottles of wine” from the album’s title track.

Amy Speace’s background in theatre provides a stable basis for her musicianship: the drama and intimacy she presumably learned from her investment in theatre years ago has given her the gift of emotion. Without it, That Kind Of Girl would not demonstrate the kind of beautiful reality that it does. Speace’s willingness to bare all for the sake of music is a commendable and often unseen action. Because of it, though, we have been granted a melodic, thoughtful compilation.

– Savannah Davanzo

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