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Camper Van Beethoven – New Roman Times

Artist:     Camper Van Beethoven

Album:     New Roman Times

Label:     Omnivore

Release Date:     02/24/2015


Long live the “sci-fi alternate-reality rock opera” of New Roman Times, the mind-bending brainchild of Camper Van Beethoven frontman David Lowery. Celebrated as Camper Van Beethoven’s “official” reunion album after a ten year hiatus, 2004’s New Roman Times quickly became a fan favorite and emblematic of the band’s offbeat, multi-genre storytelling ability.

Although Lowery suggests that the album does not directly comment on the Iraq War, the allusion and political satire run thick as the band traces the Christian Republic of Texas’ intervention in the Republic of California’s civil war.

To revamp and add insight to the complicated saga of New Roman Times, Omnivore Records’ reissue includes new artwork, liner notes from Lowery and four previously unissued tracks.

Fans can still catch Camper Van Beethoven live, often on tour with Lowery’s other band, Cracker.

– Alison Wallach

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