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Colleen Green – I Want To Grow Up

Artist:     Colleen Green

Album:     I Want To Grow Up

Label:     Hardly Art

Release Date:     02/24/2015


A rock ‘n roll princess through-and-through, Colleen Green is bringing sad sass to the otherwise chill dream-pop genre. With her latest album, I Want To Grow Up, the L.A. singer/songwriter unloads her biggest fears with haunting confessions and trippy beats. This raw reveal is much appreciated, especially because we know that Green just wants to grow up, and perhaps wanting to grow up is the first step in doing so. Of course, the second step is releasing a matured, honest, rocking record. If that’s the case, Colleen Green is more than on her way.

On I Want To Grow Up, Green combines otherworldly instrumentation with the breathy bubblegum timbre of her voice as mere subordinates to the real star of the album: the lyrics. Her previous releases have proven that Green excels at heavy grunge and punchy pop but she also has a way with words, using I Want To Grow Up as an outlet for her apparent struggles. On the eerie  “Deeper Than Love”, Green conquers her worries by singing in her delicate voice ,”‘Cause I’m shitty and I’m lame and I’m dumb and I’m a bore/And once you get to know me you won’t love me anymore/And that possibility worries me the most/Not harm or abuse or becoming a ghost/It’s the closeness, the intimacy/I’m afraid, it might kill me.”

I Want To Grow Up is a cry for help masked by addicting ’90s dream-pop synth and falsetto.

– Savannah Davanzo


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