Lauryn Hill

Highline Ballroom / New York, NY

Lauryn Hill, Highline Ballroom, Small Axe: Acoustic Performance Series

Photos by Pascal Bernier


Ready or not, here she comes! Thanks to the Small Axe: Acoustic Performance Series, Lauryn Hill is coming to a town near you.

This concert series gives fans a chance to experience the Grammy-winning Hill’s remarkable talents in an intimate setting. At New York’s Highline Ballroom, Hill dazzled and educated the crowd with her artistry.

As fans waited in anticipation for Hill’s performance, they were pleasantly surprised by excerpts from Concerning Violence, a thought-provoking film about colonialism directed by Göran Hugo Olsson and narrated by Hill. After watching a few clips, fans knew Hill was setting the tone, a tone of consciousness and authenticity, which is the very essence of her signature sound.

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A few moments later entered the gorgeous Hill. Her first song of the evening, “Conformed to Love,” dealt with one’s quest for inner peace. As you can imagine, her organic voice speaks directly to your soul. She followed up with fan favorites such as “I Get Out” and “Mr. Intentional” before continuing with a few more songs from her MTV Unplugged No. 2.0 album. Lastly, Hill blessed the crowd with her closing set, which included a few tunes from her Grammy-winning album, The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill, such as “To Zion” and an acoustic version of her hit “Ex-Factor.”

“You still got it, Lauryn,” screamed one attendee. Hill just smiled and with her iconic voice responded, “ I never lost it.” And she never did. See for yourself and get your tickets here.

– Whitney Forbes

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