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Exclusive: Brooklyn Blues-Rocker Meghann Wright’s Video Residency on Elmore

Copy of Central Park 028Up-and-coming Hawaiian Brooklyn-based blues rocker Meghann Wright is a tough soul with a kick-ass croon and soft, steady vocals. To kick off her debut full-length album Nothing Left To Lose releasing in July on BlackTop Records, Wright is taking up an “e-residency” with Elmore Magazine, exclusively releasing one track and video a day off her playlist from her “Covering America” series. The series, which will consist of one video released every day for the next few days, pay homage to local artists from a different city Wright will be performing in on tour each day. In this way, Meghann Wright accentuates her musical talent while performing admirable tributes to popular musicians.

The first video in her “Covering America” series starts out with a light introduction from Wright herself as she informs viewers of the song she’ll be singing acoustically, coming straight from her hotel room in Cincinnati, Ohio, in which she channels beloved, albeit melancholic, indie-rock band The National, covering “Slow Show” off their fourth studio album, Boxer, released in 2007. Whereas The National’s original version is tightly packed with their signature dramatic instrumentation and dreary vocals, Wright allows her unique voice to tackle the song’s sadness with a more subdued tone, though just as beautiful. Armed with just a video camera, her guitar, and occasional beat-whistling, the intimacy of the video adds to that of the song. Though we know Wright can do a mean growl and bluesy beats, it’s nice to know she can also sing a gorgeous ballad with ease.

For more on Wright, check here and here, then watch her first video below and catch her upcoming videos from the “Covering America” series daily on Elmore:






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