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Carly Simon To Re-Release ‘The Bedroom Tapes’

Carly SimonSinger/songwriter Carly Simon announced that she will release an expanded, special edition of The Bedroom Tapes through C’EST Music, her boutique label, and Carly Simon Vintage, her lifestyle brand.

Despite a positive reception from fans and critics, The Bedroom Tapes went out of print shortly after its initial release in 2000 on Arista. In addition to making the album again available to fans, Simon is adding two bonus tracks, “When Manhattan Was A Maiden” and “Grandmother’s House,” that were written and recorded for the album before ultimately not being included. In fact, When Manhattan Was A Maiden was a working title for the album, alluding to the album’s general theme of songs about New York City. The initial impetus for the album was “In Honor Of You (George),” Simon’s tribute to famed composer George Gershwin.

Simon promises that this will be the first of many new releases on Carly Simon Vintage. Check out the full track list for the special edition of The Bedroom Tapes and listen to a sampler from the album below:

1. Our Affair
2. So Many Stars
3. Big Dumb Guy
4. Scar
5. Cross The River
6. I Forget
7. Actress
8. I’m Really The Kind
9. We Your Dearest Friends
10. Whatever Became Of Her
11. In Honor Of You (George)
12. Grandmother’s House
13. When Manhattan Was A Maiden

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