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Exclusive: Check Out Jake Simmons’ Heartland Punk Rock

Jake Simmons, Jake Simmons and the little ghosts

Jake Simmons & the Little Ghosts are doing their part to keep rock ‘n’ roll alive in the heartland. Hailing from Kalamazoo, MI, they’re churning out rock that pays homage to the classics and also incorporates a young, fresh energy.

“Out of Me” is a raucous, punk-infused track from the band’s upcoming release, No Better. It highlights an energetic, hit-the-ground-running style, with experimental and furious percussion and slamming guitars. But the song isn’t just a fluff piece; it also speaks to the band’s experiences with growing older and growing wiser. According to Simmons, the song is “about growing up and getting older and continuing to love the things you did when you were younger… but a lot of it means something different to me now. You have this idea of the person you want to be when you get older. Or the person you don’t want to be, even. It’s about getting to that point of being the person you wanted to be and wondering where to go with it once you’re there.”

Look for No Better on May 12 (pre-order here), find more from the band here, here and here, and give “Out of Me” a listen below.


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