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Exclusive: Listen To theWhen’s Synth-Laden New Single

The When, theWhen, Cycles of Time, Layer Zero

Matt Kourie got his start during the alternative rock scene of the late ’80s and ’90s, collecting a treasure trove of musical influences along the way. theWhen, Kourie’s ambitious new project, blends the club sounds of electro-pop with heavier elements of rock to create lush, immersive soundscapes.

“Better Than Now” is the new single off of his upcoming sophomore EP, Layer Zero, the second installment in a trilogy of EPs that follow the hero’s journey of fictional protagonist Alex Wonder. The track’s dreamy, ’80s movie soundtrack synth sound blends into darker, ’90s grunge rock for a track that is somehow both eerie and uplifting, perfect for roaming the streets of the city alone at night looking for a fight to break up.

Listen to “Better Than Now” and check out the teaser video for Layer Zero below.


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