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Exclusive: Watch Heather Maloney’s Soaring Voice Shine On New Track

Heather Maloney, Signature Sounds Recordings


Heather Maloney is classically trained across a range of musical genres, from jazz to opera—she’s even dabbled in Indian music. Yet, the Massachusetts born singer/songwriter didn’t begin recording her own works until a transformative experience at a retreat center in her home state, where she spent three years in silent meditation. Emerging with a clear sense of creative purpose, she began to create and record, capturing critical attention along the way for her sumptuous voice and thoughtfully crafted blend of classic folk and indie rock.

For her latest project, Maloney teamed up with Grammy-nominated producer Bill Reynolds to record her third full-length album, Making Me Break, which will be released on April 28 via Signature Sounds Recordings.

Look below for an exclusive video of Making Me Break‘s “Day With You.” In this intimate, in-studio footage, the simple, understated instrumentation allows Maloney’s tremendous instrument to shine in its remarkable range, as she hits both piercing high notes and deep, low tones with grace and ease. The song is playful and galloping, yet deeply evocative and caring, her lush, poetic lyrics demanding close listening as the song swells and breaks.

Watch the video for “Day With You” below, catch Maloney on tour and pre-order Making Me Break on iTunes here:


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