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Watch The Video For Mumford & Sons’ Latest Electric Song, “Snake Eyes”

mumford-sons-wilder-mindBritish rock band Mumford & Sons continue to roll out songs from their upcoming album Wilder Mind, further showcasing their transition from indie folk luminaries to arena rattling, MOR rock giants. Their latest release is a live performance of Wilder Mind track “Snake Eyes.”

The song, which does not appear to be about snakes or dice, builds slowly with frontman Marcus Mumford singing over finger picked and ebowed electric guitars, driving bass and quietly pulsing drums. About halfway into the video, the silhouette of a musician holding a fiddle alludes somewhat to the bands folk past. However, as the fiddler begins to play his instrument, the drummer strikes his crash cymbals and the band turns up the volume, rocking out in a way that they had not done in previous incarnations. Indeed, while previously released Wilder Mind track “Believe” sounded like the band was playing the same style of music just with electric instrumentation, “Snake Eyes” genuinely heralds a new, more rock-oriented sound for the band.

Wilder Mind will be released May 4 on Glassnote. Watch the video for “Snake Eyes” below:

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