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2Cellos- Celloverse

Artist:     2Cellos

Album:     Celloverse

Label:     Portrait

Release Date:     01/27/2015


Since their rise to fame after their cover of “Smooth Criminal” went viral, 2CELLOS, a pair of Croatian cellists, have continued to showcase the versatility of the cello through rock and classical covers as well as original pieces. Their third and newest studio album Celloverse is a mix of classical, modern hits, and classic rock.

The album, self-produced by the two cellists along with Filip Vidovic, demonstrates their ability to create work that transitions from smooth lilting melodies to harsh bowing, even employing sudden pauses in order to heighten tension and build suspense. Though the album seems like an eclectic mix of cover songs as well as an original with no underlying theme, the duo shows their adaptability through a wide stylistic range. They create ethereal atmospheres in both “Shape of My Heart” and “Time,” while rocking out in “Thunderstruck.” The energy in “Wake Me Up” is not lost in translation and neither is the raw acoustic beauty of the cello. Pianist Lang Lang is brought in on a cover of Paul and Linda McCartney’s “Live and Let Die,” which the piano and cello perfectly balance out in this colorful version.

Despite less-than-perfect production and presentation, Celloverse demonstrates the ability of Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser to push the instrumental limits of the cello time and time again, sending a clear message that the cello is no longer just for classical music.

– Alessandra Mitter

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