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Exclusive: Check Out This Bonus Reissue Track From ’80s Legends The Textones

textones, midnight mission, cedar creek
Photo by Gary Nichamin

From elbow pads to big hair to synth-fueled new wave, ’80s influences are back in a big way. Now, Omnivore Recordings has announced that they’re reissuing expanded editions of Midnight Mission and Cedar Creek, the first two records from the Textones, so Carla Olson and her boys can show the kids how it’s done.

The Textones grew up in the club scene of the early ’80s and quickly gained fame amongst both critics and fellow musicians for their unique blend of new wave with elements of country and rock. Both of the reissues will contain plenty of exciting extras, including a live set from November 1987, recorded at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA. As bonus tracks on Midnight Mission, Omnivore will include three songs recorded for the film Sylvester. One of those songs is “Just a Matter of Time,” which perfectly showcases Olson’s fabulously raspy, androgynous vocals, the perfect texture for whipping drums and upbeat power-pop melodies.

Give “Just a Matter of Time” a listen below, and look out for the Textones reissues, slated for a May 26 release.


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